Tryouts will be conducted in the gym beginning Monday, August 2nd and will conclude on Friday, August 6th.
Times vary by day according to the following breakdown:

Monday 8/2


Tuesday 8/3


Wednesday 8/4  


Thursday 8/5


Friday 8/6


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s sessions will test athletic ability & various volleyball skills (with some instruction to evaluate coachability).  Attitude is always observed.  First round of cuts will be posted by player number on the website no later than 10pm on Wednesday.

Thursday & Friday will focus more on volleyball skills, attitude, and teamwork.  Final team rosters will be posted by player number on the website no later than 11:00pm on Friday.  The assignment to Reserve and Varsity teams will be indicated at that time.

The final teams (with the unlikely possibility of a few held over for further evaluation) will meet for the first team practice on Monday, August 9th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm in the gym.

Selected players and their parents are expected to attend a meeting with the coaches after the first practice at 7:15pm on
Monday, August 9th.

As has been the case for several years now, athletic packets must be submitted electronically well in advance of participating in tryouts.

See step-by-step instructions can be found at newsome.rocks/forms to prepare, upload, and submit for student-athlete clearance prior to the first day of tryouts.

If you have difficulty scanning or submitting online, the coaching staff will be in room 532 from 12noon until 3:00pm on Friday, July 30th to assist with completion of those requirements.  The coaching staff will also be in the gym from 3:45pm until 5:00pm on the first day of tryouts (August 2nd) to assist with packet submission - though there's no guarantee of quick clearance by the AD on that late date.

Packets must be approved by the Athletic Director prior to participation, so the earlier you submit your packet – the less likely you are to have your tryout attempt postponed.

Any athlete wishing to tryout that misses the regular tryout week may request the minimum of two days of tryouts by contacting the coach.

Athletes are reminded to bring and wear proper clothing (including knee pads, ankle supports, etc.). 

No jewelry should be worn.

Cellphones should NOT be used while inside the gym and should stay inside your bag until you’ve exited. This is observable and coaches will record their observations concerning phones.

Athletes should be well hydrated before & during tryouts and are expected to bring their own water (although a refill station and water fountain are available).